Sanctify them by the truth; Your word is truth.” John 17:17 (HCSB)

So many of those who fraudulently sit in seats in our nation talk about our democracy being at stake. They say they are fighting for our democracy! Over and over this is their battle chant! But a democracy simply says the majority of people decide what’s law, even what’s right and wrong! If the majority, that is the 51%, says murder is right, then it is. In a democracy those who disagree with the majority become enemies of the state and should be eliminated, is “legal.” A democracy creates a moving scale of morality.

Whereas, a republic is established upon unalienable rights that are not based on what the majority says is right. Our republic is based on the word of God. Our founders shaped the republic through what preachers of their day were speaking from the pulpits. Our republic does not change because people want it to. Our republic stands because God’s word is truth! Seventy-five percent of the content in our US Constitution is directly linked to the Bible.

No wonder, so many wicked ones are wanting to do away with our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. They desire to live as a democracy where a few elites lead. By few I mean, them!

Cry out for God to expose this lie, this deception, that we are a democracy! Ask God to stir up the people across our nation to see through the deceptive narrative that has been forced down our throats and into our lives. Plead with God to bring our nation back into His intended alignment with Him and His word. Ask God to restore our nation as a republic under Him! Ask God to awaken your heart and mind to His truth and the state of affairs in our nation. Pray that your pastor would no longer be thrown to and fro because of believing what the evil one has been feeding us through those are doing his bidding. Ask for discernment to increase in the body of Christ, starting in your church, moving throughout our city and across our nation!