And nations shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.” Isaiah 60:3 (ESV)

The mess in America is about to become God’s miracle for the nations!!! Though it has been attempted, you just can’t cancel, or defund the Holy Spirit, and He is coming!

The devil knows something and he can’t prevent it!  He tried but he is helpless against our Almighty Most High God. We’re about to see the glory of the Lord like never before! Isaiah 60 talks about the light and glory that is coming to penetrate the thick darkness that has been trying to destroy the world (60:1-2)! We are about to see a harvest of unprecedented proportions. We are about to see the nations walk into our light (60:3). We are about to see prodigals come home (60:4). We are about to experience the transfer of wealth from the wicked to resource the reaching and discipling of the 1 billion souls that are on God’s heart and mind right now (60:5-7)! The very area that the enemy has been trying to keep us out of is about to become occupied by us and the Holy Spirit! His name, the One above all other names, will be renown once again!

Cry out in faith for God to release His light and glory through our nation among the nations! Ask Him to increase it upon you, your church and the churches across our city! Pray for all the prodigals that you know who are about to come home from wherever they have been held in captivity. Pray for the wealth to be released from the wicked and given back to the righteous. Ask the Lord to prepare you and your church for this transfer! Ask the Lord to come, inhabit our city, transforming it into a city of light on a hill. Pray that same thing for our nation, for that is what was in God’s heart from the very beginning of this great land called the United States of America!!!