The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 (ESV)

Though the devil and cohorts believe a portal is opening for them today*, it is time for every believer to make a choice. Which side are you going to be on! It is time to separate from the darkness, and come into the light. Stop playing in the devil’s playground. Make your choice or one will be made for you! This is a season of harvesting what has been sown. You are either for the Lord or against Him. You can no longer play near the enemy’s camp and get away with it. You can no longer play in the gray zone, between light and darkness!

If you are at all dabbling in the occult, witchcraft or ‘soft’ witchcraft called rebellion, stop it now! So many Christians dabble in “safe” occult practices without even realizing it! Fortune cookies, superstitions, dream catchers, good luck charms, Halloween, churches having haunted houses in their basement, are just a few examples of ways naïve Christians have opened themselves up to the devil. Many think checking their horoscope is innocent. It is not! If you are asked ‘What star were you born under?’ Answer ‘all of them!’ Btw, Pokémon (pocket monster) is evil, and if you are involved in it, get out now!!! If you know of anyone who is a believer still involved with Pokemon, please warn them and pray for them! Witches, warlocks, Wicca, voodoo, sorcery, pointing the bone, occult high priesthood … are all real!

And understand this, there is no such thing as good witchcraft, no white or light version of witchcraft! All witchcraft comes from the same source… the devil! The occult world is far inferior to God’s kingdom, but it doesn’t want you to realize that. It’s all about manipulation, lies and deception. Smoke, mirrors invoking fears!!! And not only that, witches actually infiltrate churches! We need discernment!

Their power is much inferior to ours! Greater is He who is in us (1 John 4:4)! Our God is the Most High, and there is no one or nothing higher! Not even close! Though they believe a portal opens today, do not let them intimidate you, just make sure you have no contracts, agreements or covenants with the dark side. Be sure you nullify them through repentance, bringing them under the blood of the Lamb, and getting rid of any idolatrous things in your home. The time of warning is over!

Ask the Holy Spirit to sweep through your heart, your mind, your house and reveal everything that is hideous to Him. Confess wherever you have not been wholehearted for Jesus. Turn and run to Him now, while you still can! Ask God to forgive you wherever you have sown into the flesh and/or into the darkness. Ask God to show you if/where you have used manipulation to control people in your family or church. Ask Him to nullify any and every agreement you have made with the devil. Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you for this month of intense spiritual warfare, and kingdom advancement. Ask God to soon crush Satan underneath your feet (Romans 16:20). Ask God to expose and remove every place darkness has seeped into your church, through compromise of occultic practices. Now is the time to address it!!!

* See yesterday’s post entitled “February 22 is significant!”