And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18 (ESV)

While wandering the wilderness it seems that the tribes of Israel kept pretty much to themselves. As they moved they would encamp as tribes around the Ark (Number 2:17). But once they crossed over to the Promised Land, they had to unite and fight to take possession of what God had given them! They went from independent wanderers to united warriors. We are crossing the Jordan and are stepping foot on the shores of a new day. It is going to require us to do things differently. God has called us to unite as a Church in our city and occupy it till He returns. I believe He wants to establish five-fold ministry leadership in our city, after all, it is His idea (Ephesians 4:11-13). We can do more together than ANY OF US can do on our own! Every local church has an important part to play. Instead of every part doing their own thing, it’s time to unite! We can no longer afford to act independently. There are more than enough gifts, finances and resources in the body of Christ in Athens to turn our city upside down for the Kingdom of God!

Together we could vote anybody into office! Oh, but we’d have to be willing to explore which candidates operate under Biblical values, like being pro-life! We cannot simply vote for a party as we used to do! If every believer simply voted, and did so according to Biblical values, we would change the very landscape of our city! This is not just theory! I have experienced this while we were in Australia drawing the Church together. God raised up one of His followers to run for mayor and the Church in that city got behind him and ushered him into office! And that really impacted the spiritual atmosphere over the city! Why can’t we can do that here!!!

Together we could cover the need for foster care homes. I recently heard that if half the churches in Georgia stepped in and helped foster 1 child, there would be no kids falling through the cracks. Athens could do more than just a few!

Together we could cover every hour in prayer over our city. There are several truly praying churches in Athens, and many more who would like to be. Praise God! But together with every church joining in, we could easily lift up powerful, non-stop worship and prayer across our city. Continuous intercession, incense could rise to the Throne of grace from Athens!

Together we could feed the hungry, minister effectively to the homeless, and provide jobs for the unemployed! Yes, we could do that! Instead of just being a gathering point for the homeless, we could empower them!

Together we could adopt, pray for and reach out to every single dwelling in our city!  Every home could be impacted with gospel if we intentionally worked together! Yes, every person in our city could hear the gospel in a way that they could understand and be given an opportunity to respond to it!

Together we could provide better children and youth ministries. There are so many churches that struggle in these areas, while others have more than enough. Likewise, together, every church could have a vibrant, Spirit-filled, full worship ministry. Together we could purchase places of ill repute that remain open to this day and turn them into Houses of Prayer, Youth Centers, Mission Headquarters.

Together we can stand with evangelists, create platforms for them to reach out and even train the people in our city to “preach the Gospel always and when necessary use words” (St. Francis of Assisi). I worked with a city once where the unity of the churches allowed them to pay for an evangelist, and to open a joint coffee house that became a unified hub for meetings, worship, prayer and discipleship!  

If we only began to see ourselves as pastors, leaders and churches of the city, and not just of local churches, we would accomplish so much more. We are part of something so much greater than ourselves!!!

No wonder the enemy works so hard to divide us, because together we would take this city for Jesus and transform it for His glory!!! It will require us working together to see revival come and stay in our city. It will require us to lay aside some individual priorities and programs. Are you willing to pay that price to step from being an independent wanderer to a humble and united warrior?

Cry out for God to take us to the next level of unity in our city! Cry out for true, humble and anointed apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to raise up in our city, to minister across the citywide Church in Athens Georgia. Cry out that God would expose every lie, every hinderance, every place of pride and sin, that would try to hold back the unity of the spirit that God desires for our city. Cry out for God to wake up, then rise up a church that is victorious and would prevail over every gate of hell in our city!  Pray that God would unite us as one body of warriors to take this city, and occupy it for our King, until He returns! Thank Him for what He is doing and about to do!!!