“Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet.” Revelation 2:20a (NIV)

Earlier this week I had a dream where the Lord revealed to me places in my life that I had tolerated Jezebel. It was eye opening leading to a time of repentance! Often in my dreams it is not just about me, but for the church as well. I recently heard Dutch Sheets say that another word for tolerate is to ignore. The NLT says the complaint from Jesus was for their permitting Jezebel to lead others astray, specifically regarding sexual immorality. Sounds like much of the church today. We are ignoring, permitting and tolerating Jezebel and I believe this message to the church of Thyatira is for us today. Jesus said that He had “given her time to repent but she was unwilling” (v21). So His judgment was going to be released on her and those who “commit adultery with her” (v22). And while He is at it, He will “repay each of you according to your deeds” (v23). We must take responsibility for the state of the church. We cannot simply turn a blind eye and ignore the evil and perversion that has crept into the church.

Please ask the Holy Spirit to show you any place you have tolerated, ignored or permitted Jezebel to operate in your life, or in your home. He may show you TV you watch, or DVD’s you own, or places where you have grown desensitized to immorality. Ask Him to show you anywhere in your heart that has grown indifferent toward His standard of purity. By the way, it hasn’t changed! Cry out for Him to purify you and make you clean, holy and pleasing to Him. Now ask Him to reveal to your pastor any place where he has tolerated, ignored or permitted the work of Jezebel in your church. Pray that your pastor would have courage to preach the whole word of God and not be afraid to offend members, especially the big donors. Cry out for mercy and grace for repentance across our city for our ignoring this wicked spirit called Jezebel!