O Lord, God of heaven, the great and awesome God who keeps His covenant of unfailing love with those who love Him and obey His commands, listen to my prayer! Look down and see me praying night and day…” Nehemiah 1:5-6a (NLT)

Last year at this time there was a rush for toilet paper. Remember that? People were emptying shelves of this “vital” commodity. Everyone wanted to be ready for what was upon us. This year we are on the verge of another TP moment. But this time it is not toilet paper. It is something way more important, and we’d better be ready for it. We are on the precipice of a tipping point!

Earlier in the week we were taking out a dead tree at the bottom of our lot. There was no telling which way it was going to tip. We had tied the rope and cut a wedge, but when the tree started to teeter, our neighbor who was helping, had to pull the rope. And the huge tree fell toward him as he ran for cover. Had he not pulled the rope, the tree very likely would have fallen on our neighborhood tennis court, in the opposite direction!

As darkness is being exposed and amplified in our nation, we are in danger. Like the tree, our nation teeters! God is working, but He requires that we not give up, but to hold on in faith. He asks for us to keep believing, trusting, praying and decreeing! This is not the time to give up and let things just happen. It’s time to pull the rope, and be caught in the wave of God’s Spirit crashing across our land! We are at a tipping point. What we do right now, matters! Please keep crying out for God to release His angelic army across this nation. Ask for Him to awaken His people to “pull the rope” and pray with a fervency. Ask God to prepare us for the greatest revival to crash upon the globe!!! Ask God for the grace to keep believing, trusting, praying and decreeing!