“A Child has been born for us;
a Son has been given to us.
The responsibility of complete dominion
will rest on His shoulders, and His name will be:
The Wonderful One!
The Extraordinary Strategist!
The Mighty God!
The Father of Eternity!
The Prince of Peace!”
 Isaiah 9:6 (TPT)

This is beautiful Christmas passage about a Son being given to us and a Child being born for us, but catch the second line. “Complete dominion rest on His shoulders!” Other translations put it “the government will rest on His shoulders” (NLT/NIV). That is a lot of authority! Jesus’ last words before ascending to heaven and assuming His place at the right hand of the Father were, “All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Me…” (Matthew 28:18 NIV). Even the book of Revelation records several places where Jesus is said to have an “iron scepter to rule the nations” (Revelation 2:27, 12:5 and 19:15). The authority that Jesus has is above and beyond any other authority, spiritual or physical that exists in heaven or on earth. His authority is over the governments of our world as well as the spiritual principalities and powers that are influencing them.

And the crazy thing about it is, He exercises that authority through His Body, the Ekklesia! In Revelation 2:26, He says He will share that authority with us!!! Elsewhere Jesus had said that what we bind will be bound, and what we loose will be loosed (Matthew 16:18-19). This is all in the context of Jesus telling His Disciples that the gates of hell will not prevail against His advancing Church!

All that to say, we, His praying, obedient people have been given authority on this planet to govern. He has given us keys to open locks/doors that can’t be closed and to close things that can’t be opened! Are you following this? Jesus has ALL AUTHORITY… but He exercises that authority though His remnant bride, who is a governing body!

The battle we are fighting right now is all about will be believe He has given us this authority. We are training to reign with Him. We are not simply to ask God to move this, or expose that. Though that is a great place to start! We are to declare and decree God’s will over our nation. As the ultimate governing body on this planet, we need to forbid the stealing of this election. We need to decree that every place of fraud and corruption will come into the light. We need to declare that every person who has been involved in this “great attempted robbery” would be exposed and brought to justice. We need to declare that, from foot soldiers to masterminds and everyone in-between, all involved would be brought into the light and face the consequence of their treason.

Present your case before the heavenly courts. Remind God of His promises for this nation. Remind Him of the prophetic words that have been spoken about the next four years. Your prayerful declaration carries His authority. Please don’t give in to the lying media and false reports being sent out right now. God is not done, nor is He late. Perhaps He is simply waiting for His people to storm the gates of hell, after all, those gates will not prevail!!!