“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32 (HCSB)

It is the truth that is known, taken and applied, that sets us free. Unapplied truth does nothing to set us free. In fact, it can make matters worse. The recent release of Sound of Freedom is making a truth known about child sex & human trafficking, but unless we take that knowledge and do something about it, the truth doesn’t accomplish anything. People may blatantly just stick their heads back in the sand because they feel overwhelmed by it, feeling they can do nothing by themselves. But that’s the lie! We are not by ourselves!!! Most people on the planet abhor what’s being done to our children by a sick, woke minority! Together we can make a difference!

The globalists desire to depopulate the planet, getting rid of the worthless humans. They want to replace us with cyborgs and AI hybrids. The lead advisor to the WEF, Yuval Noah Harari was asked what they would do with the unless humans in the meantime and he replied, “keep them addicted to drugs and video games!” Please understand, this person is referred to as the prophet (more like false prophet) of the World Economic Forum, gives advice to Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Obama, the Biden, and many others. They are not just blowing steam! They are also working on producing an AI Bible that will get rid of the “errors” and be for all people. It is the pre-curser of a one world religion.

We may know the truth intellectually, but it will not set us free! We must wake up, take hold of the truth, stand on the truth and fight from a place of this truth! Silence is not a luxury we can afford any longer. To do nothing is to do something! So you might as well do something that will have positive eternal ramifications!

Please pray that the Church would be rocked by the truth. Ask the Lord to awaken in you any place that is sleeping in this hour, any place that has grown cold and/or hard to the depth of perversion and darkness that seems so prevailing in our world. Pray for your pastor to be renewed in his faith through the word of God, that he would take every truth and apply it to his life and release it to your church. Pray for a grace over your church to rise up and be loud about the truth, even when others in the city don’t like it. Pray that your church would no longer be a comfortable place for lukewarm believers. Pray that the true church in our city would unite and stand together in this hour of battling for the truth!!!