Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from the true faith; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons.” 1 Timothy 4:1 (NLT)

Actually, something very dangerous is operating right now in the church. Some of the doctrines and practices from hell, but wrapped in pretty packaging are blatantly, even militantly being embraced in the church!

Cessationism, a demonic doctrine that has handicapped the church for over one hundred years. This doctrine is widely held across the body of Christ. It is even celebrated, with conferences allowing these likeminded folks to come together and re-enforce their beliefs that the Holy Spirit just doesn’t do what He used to do. John McArthur hosts these conferences each October. And apparently there are quite a few others such conferences. Imagine that, in a day when we need the Holy Spirit more than ever, many basically deny Him, celebrating it and rejecting what He brings to the church to help lead us to victory. These churches are fighting the spiritual battle with their eyes closed and a hand tied behind their back. No wonder many in the cessation movement believe that the church loses, and that Jesus has to come and snatch us away to rescue us from the consuming and growing gross darkness in the world.

Another dangerous doctrine of demons is hyper grace. Here we are told that Jesus’ grace is so sufficient that it doesn’t matter what we do, that God is still pleased with us. There is confusion about His love and His being pleased with us. It is absolutely ridiculous. When my kids were growing up, on a rare occasion, they would do things that did not please me. Ha! But my love for them never diminished. I believe this is even more so with God. He is not pleased when I am throwing away the talents He gave me, or running headlong to sin. Nevertheless, this doctrine of hyper grace affirms sin, and confuses that God may love the sinner but hates the sin. BTW, God has not changed His view on what is sin. And our sin separates us from Him. Full stop! Our sin is why Jesus came to die, to set us free from it, not so we can live under it. And His love for sinners is so strong that He will provide a way to escape it, even be delivered from it.

We live in an hour when there is going to be mass deliverance occurring among the LGBTQ+ community, among those under addictions, and shackled to sin by demonic forces. But if you don’t believe God can deliver a homosexual, or an addict, or even believe those are a problem, guess what, you won’t be able to help them! And these communities are going to be a big part of the great harvest that is coming!

Cry out to the Lord to release a greater level of discernment to the spiritual dangers around you, and the courage to act concerning it. Ask Him to show you how to pray for those who are in bondage to the demonic doctrines of cessationism and/or the hyper grace movement. Ask God to awaken pastors, starting with yours, to the influence of these doctrines of demons in their life and church. Ask the Lord to show you any place where these doctrines have influenced you! Ask the Lord to gird you in the belt of truth!