“Heavenly Father, hallowed by Your name…” Luke 11:2 (NIV)

During the summer I have had the privilege of regularly visiting different churches in Athens. I just show up, kind of like a secret shopper! It has been beautiful just being in these services!!! Most of the time I get found out before the service starts! So much for being a fly on the wall. Yesterday I was at Cornerstone and Pastor Scott preached on prayer! It was an amazing message, something I would highly recommend watching online at https://www.cornerstoneathens.cc/watch.

One thing that jumped out at me was keeping God’s name hallowed… The word hallowed is often translated “holy!” It means to be sacred, to be treated uniquely, to be set apart. He is in a class of His own. He is special, no one else is like Him! He is not to be treated as common or like anyone else. Sadly, many have grown too comfortable with “Abba” Father that we forget His is holy, and His name is to be “hallowed!” This can be seen in our prayers that begin with “Hey God!” Though He is our friend we most keep in mind that He is other. Jesus even instructed us to keep His name “hallowed!”

Obviously, that means we don’t include His name with any profanity. In fact, we should not be comfortable around those who do speak such a way! In court we are required to “swear on a Bible” and say “So help me God!” To lie under oath is another way we don’t treat His name as holy! And I know it may not seem like a big deal to many (and that in itself is concerning) but I feel when we spell out God, using a little “g” we are not treating His name as unique. The little g makes Him common, average, and like everyone else. But He is infinitely above us, totally unique, and other!

Today, ask the Lord to show you any place where you are not “hallowing” His name! Repent of it and ask Him to teach you how to respect and honor His holiness, while embracing your intimacy with Him. Pray that your pastor and church leadership would “hallow” His name in everything. Pray that across our city, our Father in heaven’s name would be hallowed!