God often gives me pictures while I pray that actually help me go deeper in my praying. As I was recently praying an image came to mind. I saw a crown with beautiful jewels mounted perfectly around the top rim. Each jewel was unique in color and cut. I felt this crown represented the unity of campus ministries, and each jewel represented an individual ministry. Each one is unique, precious and exactly where it is supposed to be. I saw a bright beam of light flash upon the middle of the crown from above and suddenly there was a brilliant multicolored light flashing in all directions through the jewels. This light flooded the campus.

Jesus told us that the unity among His followers will cause the world to see that Jesus is who He claimed to be (John 17:21). Jesus said that the world would know we are His disciples by our love for one another (John 13:34).

Unity is not an event we put on in cooperation between churches or ministries. It is not when we become like the other groups. Unity is not about us becoming less or something other than who or what He created us to be.

Unity happens when I embrace who God created me to be, and who He created you to be. Unity is loving one another in our diversity. In fact, unity is the fulfilling of the “new command” passages of loving one another. Unity is expressed through publicly extending blessing to other churches, ministries, pastors and leaders. Unity is all about relationships, about trust, about believing and hoping for the best in the other! Unity does result in partnerships that advance God’s kingdom. There is greater fruit when it comes from a place of unity. Prayer seems amplified when two or more are gathered in His name. Ministry seems so much broader and effective when done as a team. No wonder the Psalmist wrote that those who dwell in unity will be recipients of God’s commanded blessing (Psalm 133). Yes, God says He will literally command a blessing when there is unity.

The picture I saw was during a pre-service prayer gathering this past week. The event was called Advance. It was the culmination of a 21-day challenge where the combined efforts of ten campus ministries and several local churches worked together to pass out 3000+ bibles. The event was scheduled in the middle of mid term exams and in the natural attendance should have been sparse. But God is on the move and some 800 students gathered for this amazing encounter. God’s light did flash across campus. But I believe more is to come! Please pray that momentum would grow, unity would deepen, and God’s commanded blessing would be released upon UGA, across Athens and beyond.

Follow up continues after the challenge. Please pray for those who took the challenge and did it, who took the challenge and didn’t complete it and for those who were offered the challenge and declined. God’s word does not return void. Be praying that it will accomplish all His purposes!

Thanks for partnering with us!!!