“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Ephesians 5:21 (NIV)

God’s word is so clear that He desires and blesses unity (Psalm 133 and John 17). But unity isn’t just bringing people together. Unity isn’t based on the lowest common denominator. Godly unity involves submission, oneness and obedience to Christ. And the fact is, God always starts with a remnant. As much as I would love to have every pastor and every church involved in our praying for revival, in our nights of glory, in any and every APN activity, I would rather have those who really want it, and will chase after it at all cost. And praise God, we do have a handful of churches in our city that literally come together in such submission, oneness and obedience to Christ. They are hungry for the Holy Spirit and for revival in our city. The reality is, God always starts with a remnant!

Pray for your pastor to desire to extend God’s kingdom rather than building their own. Pray that every lie they have believed or fear that has hindered them to be broken off of them. Pray that he would be willing to humble himself, submit to other pastors and prophetic/apostolic leaders, and seek oneness in and obedience to Christ. Pray that your church would desire to be a part of the remnant and join what God is already doing in our city. Pray that the Holy Spirit would truly be welcome in your church, and that every hindrance of His moving among you would be removed. Pray that God would pour out revival, awakening in our city and transform every fiber of it to be a shining light on the hill!