“Let everyone call urgently on God. Let them give up their evil ways and their violence.” Jonah 3:8b (NIV)

This was a statement from a very evil, pagan king. He ruled a decadent city called Nineveh. This king is not even named in the Bible, but his call to repentance worked. His hope of having the people in his city repent was to move God’s hand from His fierce anger that was about to be released upon them. The people repented and averted judgment. That same call is out today to the wicked of our nation and world. The time is getting close and the hand of God is about to move on the unrepentant. I am not talking about end times judgment, but against those who have tried to set up the one world system before its time! And against those who are standing with them.

Ask God to stir up with you an urgency for those around you. Ask Him to increase your sense of urgency in this hour. Ask God to release a sense of urgency in your pastor and throughout your church. Ask God to stir up a sense of urgency among the lost in our city, that they would feel the closeness at hand. Ask God to stir up believers to be ready and speak up with their friends around them whom God is releasing this urgency to get things right with God! Pray that this urgency in our city would lead to repentance and revival and citywide transformation! Pray that those in the White House and across our nation would feel this urgency over their own lives and repent!