“Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.” Joel 3:14 (ESV)

We recently entered the Jewish year 5782. One meaning for this is “to rouse.” This year is our wake-up call. It is not a quiet, gentle sound we can simply sleep through. God is allowing a violent shake and roar throughout the globe. The call is one that is awakening those willing to respond. Those who sleep through this are, simply put, dead! Nevertheless, this is the year of awakening and reawakening! A year of prodigals coming home. This is a year of separation. A year of decision. A year to choose whom you will serve and follow! You do have a choice… will you succumb to the spirit of fear, of compromise, of tolerating evil, or will you shake off the death clothes, the things that tie you down, the things that keep you silent, and get up out of bed to run the race of faith with Jesus!

Proclaim with a loud voice that you are awake! Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you afresh right now for the day that is before you! Ask Him to allow you to help others wake up and get out of bed! Cry out in agreement for prodigals to come, for awakening in your church, and for reawakening of those who turned away from the faith. Cry out for this wake-up call to be heard and responded to across our city, nation and globe! Pray for a clear distinction between those who are awake and those who remain asleep. Ask God to gather around you others who are awake, whom you can journey with! Ask Him whom you should separate from!