“Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.” Matthew 25:13 (ESV)

We are told to keep watch, to be watchful, alert and sober minded (1 Peter 5:8). We are to be aware of the hour we are living in. We all know things are coming to a head, or a T intersection, and it’s coming quickly. There are many prophetic voices saying that something is going to happen soon, perhaps as early as next month, April. This something may be catastrophic, like a widespread blackout, an internet crash, cell phones going down, the dollar failing, a new virus and vaccine, another attempt to lockdown, even martial law. There may be a shortage because of food supplies being cut. Whether this has to do with the eclipse on April 8, or the election season, or the fraud, of the exposures, or the immigration, or… all this to say, get ready. I am not trying to stir fear, but to convey the prophetic warnings we are hearing!

As the darkness presses in, even thick, gross darkness covers the earth, God’s glory is rising upon us, His remnant (Isaiah 60:2). The light will get brighter as the dark gets darker. I lay this before you as a warning. Our duty as watchmen is to shout what we see. Now the responsibility is on you to do with it as the Lord leads you. Please do not operate out of fear, but in faith as the Lord leads. As Jesus said, He puts some at the door to watch and the others to work inside, together accomplishing His purposes (Mark 13:33-37).

As for us, we got a few supplies, like a couple weeks of food, water, batteries, dog & cat food, etc. We are keeping the fuel in our vehicles topped up. And we are staying alert. The key is, don’t let your pantry run dry, but get stuff that you would use anyway, and if you’re able, get a bit more of it. The duration of this crisis seems to be short, but some prophets are leaning toward something longer, even disruptions and severe shortages in some places in our nation through 2025 (i.e. Rick Joyner and Chris Reed are saying that). 

We need to take this seriously. Pray that if possible this can be averted or at least minimized! Cry out for the Holy Spirit to show you how to pray about all this (Romans 8:26). Be praying that God would prepare others. Ask Him whom you are to share this warning with. And ask Him to help you be ready for what is bearing down upon us, not just for yourselves physically with supplies and all, but spiritually, so that you can minister to others in the coming days. Thank Him for allowing you to be here, for such a time as this!

We have provided a few links to some of the prophetic words. There are more. Please dig into yourself. There are many pieces to this puzzle still being revealed, regarding both darkness and light. It is wisdom to take hold of them, test them and allow the Lord to put them together so we have clarity to see and understand our portion of this massive puzzle that impacts every nation on the planet. As it is in heaven, Lord let it be done on earth!!!

Rick Joyner: https://www.facebook.com/100044548444492/posts/pfbid0LM8UfRxMLYHfEgxwAuGrG26Cq2GpHGzsYPxbNvZMTaosCGadNaL6QwonBDbTtcowl/?mibextid=cr9u03

Barry Wunsch: https://www.facebook.com/708092253/posts/pfbid02nN5qyEb7M6CtuN2Z919DQ3KyP3kTssjib7AYU1HHAyRBBE31TMLVh3qZxAA76QvCl/?mibextid=cr9u03

Charlie Shamp: https://www.facebook.com/1802676077/posts/pfbid02XEN1odRXsxyyNcT3ZiouXQXgRoxMnG96SMHZJFVSiNqqBvttaVsUYuDhuk4tx1Gol/?mibextid=cr9u03

Chris Reed: https://www.youtube.com/embed/WapvicXtETE?si=f-XKJNOlEpNf3qJx