What we tell ourselves about ourselves effects how we see ourselves and how we behave. Proverbs 23:7 (KJV) tells us “as a man thinks so he is.” We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with negative things, twisted messages and outright lies. We have been fed and have believed lies and we repeat them to ourselves, thus reinforcing them over us. Something I have found helpful is to make truth statements about God and what He says about me, out loud, daily! This has affected my emotions, my perspective, my confidence and even my body!

Recently Shellie came into my office sharing a discovery from her Beth Moore study of Esther. The same Hebrew word used for Gideon as a valiant warrior is used in Proverbs 31 for the woman of noble character. God is looking for warriors, not just men of physical war, but people to do battle in four realms – mind, heart, body and spirit. I have a white board in my office that is currently loaded with statements about God’s call on me to be a warrior. Here’s what my list looks like…

• I am a Spirit filled warrior for Jesus!
• I have been called to fight the good fight
• I am wholehearted – I engage all my mind, body, heart and spirit in all I do for Him
• I am under authority and have authority
• I am purposeful, focused, alert, sober-minded, watchful, discerning and decisive
• I am a worshipper, a prayer and a believer
• I am peaceful, calm, patient, gentle and kind
• I am an overcomer, a conqueror, and full of endurance
• I am positive, encouraging, and life giving
• I am forgiven and forgiving
• I am hopeful, faithful and full of faith
• I am thankful, grateful and generous
• I am joyful, content, and giving
• I am honest, truthful and full of truth
• I am a steward, disciplined, committed, and loyal
• I am skilled, trained, equipped, empowered and I freely give it away
• I am a helpful, authentic, humble servant
• I am prepared, and ready in season and out
• God loves me more than I know, and as such I am a lover of Jesus and of people
• I am part of His bride
• Without God I can do nothing, but with Him everything is possible!

I don’t necessarily speak out each of these every day, but I do meditate on it. What does your list look like? What are you speaking out over your life every day before you go out and face the world? God is looking for warriors who will wholeheartedly fight the good fight, with all their mind, body, heart and spirit. Will you be one of them? God’s word is transforming. Believe it!