“I am the LORD, and I do not change. That is why you descendants of Jacob are not already destroyed.” Malachi 3:6 (NLT)

You can’t expect to drink different water if you keep going back to the same fountain. But so many people use a censored search engine called Google and wonder why they can’t find truth. These people still drink in lamestream media and actually believe it, even after they are caught lying again and again! Our nation has been weakened, but she is beginning to awaken. Facebook algorithms screens who gets to see posts (I know so many of mine get derailed). Google censors so much of what it allows us to search for. News outlets, well, they are simply cesspools of misinformation and false narrative. Fortunately, other sources to find truth are rising up, such Truth Social, Duck Duck Go, Freespoke, and Epoch Times, just to name a few.

The veil has been removed and the world now can see what the deep state, the globalist cabal has been doing. It is no longer hidden. Whether they now feel confident, they are making slips of tongue and are no longer hiding their agenda. From Kamal Harris’ “depopulate” speech which transcripts have now been modified (but the recording is out there), to Biden blatantly saying he has sold US secrets, or Harari saying humans are no longer needed, these leaders are speaking it out.

We can now see what this illegit administration has been doing since day one, and even before. This is not accidental, it is an intention act of treason to weaken and ultimately destroy our nation. They have been intentionally weakening our nation from open borders and policies that allow millions of people in. These illegals come in without record or documentation. Btw, immigration is good, but there must be filters and controls regarding who comes in, and what they intend to do here. Right now, the flood gates are open for drugs to flow in which is leading to millions of our young people overdosing on fentanyl, as well as for human trafficking and armed terrorists to simply walk in, undetected.

Our military has been weakened. This government has been more concerned about soldiers getting an ineffective vaccine than building a strong military. Many great soldiers have left our military because of this. We have seen this administration give away our weapons to enemies who want to destroy America. This puppet government desires to fight for another country’s freedom than our own. They prefer to indoctrinate our warriors with CRT and “proper use of pronouns” more than investing in training for battle. And they have decreased military funding! It is said that the best deterrent for war is strength. But weakness invites invasion! They are doing their best to weaken us!!!

Our economy has been weakened. This administration has made us energy reliant upon other nations (btw, these nations don’t like us), while we have our own resources under our feet. Jobs, and manufacturing have been cut and/or sent to other nations (i.e. China). Our dollar is in decline and many say the current system is about to collapse. The US dollar is no longer the base used across the globe. This is all because of the progressive, Marxist government now ravaging our nation!

Our family has been weakened. This government now blatantly espouses that it takes a village to raise a child, not a healthy home with a mom & dad leading their children. In fact, the village knows best, and parents don’t even need to know at all! The breakdown of the family unit has clearly led to more crime and suicide!

Our education system has been weakened. The 3 r’s (reading, writing and arithmetic) are no longer the primary focus of our education system. Now our kids are indoctrinated with lies about our nation. They are taught to hate America. There are now three new R’s (regret, recrimination and reparation) that are more important. Our kids are being taught that America is systemically oppressive and racist. Our young ones start kindergarten eager, creative and desiring to learn. Ten years later, those eager and bright kids are beaten down, with lost dreams and with rage about to explode.

Our health has been weakened. Thanks to the blatant lies and forced mandates around covid our whole medical system is in question. Doctors were forced to endorse a lie at the cost of their credentials to practice. Though many compromised because of profit. Big pharma has a monopoly upon the medical system, and sadly, so many of those who have been able to continue practicing have compromised. Doctors prescribe pills because that’s big business. Rather than treating the issue, they create more issues through their passing out legal drugs. This has greatly affected how people view going to the doctor these days. It is not safe to presume your doctor actually wants to heal you. Unfortunately, there are many good doctors out there, but to have survived the culling of these past few years, honestly, compromises have been made if they are still there! Sadly, many of these doctors will be exposed as being compliant in the murder of many through their pushing the vaccine!

The church has been weakened, compromised and divided. There are wolves is sheep AND in shepherd clothing. The church has been infiltrated, with many in leadership jettisoning the very word of God, with compromised teaching of morality and gender, as if God has changed. Last I heard, God is the same yesterday today and forever (Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8). What made America great was our faith! Without our Christian faith, our constitution and model of government does not work.

Sorry for the length of this post, and I have only skimmed over these issues. But it does expose the extent of how our nation has been intentionally weakened. Nevertheless, we are on the verge of the greatest awakening in history. Unless God moves, our nation and the world is doomed to these evil people who are controlled by high ranking demons. Unless God, not man, gives us help we will slip into the silence of death (Psalm 94:17)! We are desperate and we know it. Prayer is our answer, and our nation is responding. More prayer, more intense prayer, more united prayer is happening now than ever. And God is about to step in, big time!

Please pray, pray hard and pray continuously. Ask God to expose and remove the wicked ones and replace the vacated positions with good intending and righteous leaders. Ask Him to release the heavenly host to battle on behalf of our precious nation’s destiny. Ask God to shake up what can be shaken so that only the unshakable will be standing. Pray that the veil would be torn, completely removed so that the world can see what is really going on. Pray that good people (you included) would rise up and fight the good fight of faith – to speak up, to stand up and not be intimidated by the evil that is weakening our nation. Declare that God is not finished with America, that our nation will step into her intended destiny as a God centered, Gospel sending nation, a blessing to the world! Thank the Lord that He was put you here, right now to be a part of the greatest awakening this world has ever experienced!!!