A good man leaves an inheritance to his grandchildren, but the sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.” Proverbs 13:22 (HCSB)

The Bible is quite clear that God has stored up the wealth of the wicked for His kids. And since we do not need their wealth in eternity, that is, once we get to heaven, this promise is meant for the days on earth before Christ returns. There are many prophetic words that God is about to do this!

The bottom line is, we are going to need finances to reach and disciple the one billion soul harvest that has been prophesied about! It costs money to send out missionaries, to start churches, to disciple new believers and raise up leaders. It costs money to build schools, to create worship spaces and places for all these people to come together. It costs money to create worship and prayer centers where lovers of Jesus can simply come to worship and adore Him twenty-four seven. It costs money to restore the tent of David (Acts 15:16-17). I believe God is about to do this!

It’s time for us to seriously cry out for God to release this wealth. There are some very extremely wealthy evil people in our world who are going to find their funds released to accomplish God’s purposes. I believe this is very likely, and soon!

Could it be that these globalists who have manipulated and capitalized off the nations will find their very wealth the means to pay off national debts, and launch the world into a new era of freedom?! I believe so!

I also believe it is a time to ask God to restore what the enemy has stolen, destroyed and killed in your life (John 10:10). It is time to serve notice to the thief that he must repay seven-fold (Proverbs 6:31)! Lost inheritances will suddenly be restored, stolen investments will be repaid, broken relationships will be repaired, and Jesus’ promised abundant life will experienced by His kids!

Ask the Lord to prepare you to steward the wealth He is about to release. Ask Him how you should use these resources for His kingdom, and ask Him for His plan, His strategies and His wisdom. Ask Him for all that has been stolen from you to be restored, even 7-fold! Ask Him to prepare your pastor and church to receive this wealth from the wicked, to begin dreaming by faith what God would have them do once money isn’t an issue! Ask God to prepare mission organizations, church plants and planters and worship centers that need to be built, to be ready to invest what God releases. Thank Him for all that He has prepared for you, for His people at such a time as this!!!