Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.” 2 Timothy 2:3-4 (ESV)

There is a huge difference between a soldier and a civilian. The civilian has no concern with fighting but focuses on his own wants and needs. But the soldier is extremely aware of the war! And he is soberly reminded of the threat it brings. The civilian lives as if everything is ok. It is not ok! We are at war and it’s time to wake up to it, before it’s too late! If you are a follower of Christ you must stop acting like a civilian! It’s time to see the threat we are under and to do something about it! This war is about and for our children and the generations to come.

Have you ever heard the term Irregular War? If you haven’t please look into it. Traditional war was two opposing forces using soldiers on a physical battle field with guns, missiles, airplanes, etc. Irregular warfare looks a lot different, but is no less violent or deadly. Irregular war makes use of counter-insurgency, sabotage, and counter-terrorism. It is not new, but definitely has come to the forefront. It involves lies, deception, narrative, propaganda, and infiltrators. In irregular war, a victory can be achieved without firing a shot! We are indeed in an irregular war!

Did you catch the recent revealing that the CIA was behind the assassination of JF Kennedy? Our own intelligence agency took out a sitting president!!! Yes! That is treason!

Did you see that the NSA has spied on American citizens, and continues to do so, while assisting our enemies with funds, weapons and intelligence? Isn’t that a bit suspicious?

Ever wonder why there is a push to do away with our Constitution? The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights is for the people, not for a few self-promoted elites to rule over the people! The few want us to believe it is out dated and irrelevant! But the Declaration of Independence tells us that we have rights given to us from God not by government. 

Did you hear there is proof that doctors who opposed the Covid vax were censored, and many are losing their licenses to practice medicine? And now we are finding out just how ineffective and even counter-productive the vax actually was/is. Yet why has it been so forced upon us?

Did you know that Europe is very close to finalizing the CBCD with vax passports? Of course, most of us didn’t know this because the news isn’t covering it! What this means is with the crypto currency, the government can control one’s money. As such, there will be no buying or selling without an updated vax profile.

So much of what has labeled as conspiracy theories by the three letter organizations and this fraudulent government has been shown to be true. And much worse than we realized! Did you know that the term conspiracy theory was actually formed by these same organizations to create a label of doubt and suspicion on people who espouse them? We have been duped! You can’t fight a war if you don’t know you’re in one!

When elections are tampered with, isn’t that an act of war? The evidence is overwhelming, both from the inside and outside! And it was even more blatant in the recent midterms! Btw, the FBI interfered with the elections, not Russia.

Yes, we are at war, but it’s not like anything we’ve ever experienced before. And to fight it, we must have eyes to see it is happening around us, and that we are not civilians any longer!

If you still doubt that, stop drinking from the propaganda arm narrative! Remember, we in an irregular war! If you are reading or following any MSN, including WSJ and Fox, run from it. Flee for your life! You are being feed the lies, from places that used to be trustworthy. But do not trust them any longer! Find yourself a legit news agency! Yes, they do exist!

Pray for the church would awaken in this hour of battle, to arise and fight the good fight of the faith! Ask God to open your eyes to see the depth of the battle we are in for our children and for future generations. Ask God to allow your pastor to see the fullness of the war around him, and for Holy Spirit boldness to rise up and fight as a Spirit-filled warrior! Pray for your church to take off its civilian clothing and to begin acting and living as in war time! Pray for the citywide church to unite in even greater ways to fight this war for the soul of our children and our nation!