But My servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit and has followed Me fully, I will bring into the land into which he went, and his descendants shall possess it.” Numbers 14:24 (ESV)

There is a real report and a false report. When the spies went into the promised land, the 12 came back with a report. Ten said the land did flow with milk and honey, but there are giants to whom we are just grasshoppers. Two had a different report. Caleb and Joshua said yes, there are giants in the land, but God is with us and will give it into our hands (Numbers 13-14).

The word “but” is a conjunction meaning there is more to come! “But” joins together two continuing thoughts! Yes, it is very dark today, but the light and God’s glory are rising upon us, even as I write this (Isaiah 60:1-2). The antichrist is coming, but not yet! The enemy wants the church to give up and not fight. He wants us out of the way (2 Thessalonians 2:7). He accomplishes this through deception and distraction, and all this is happening just as much in the church as in the world. We must shake off these demonic shackles, rise up and fight for our nation, for our families, for His church! We are the “but” in this hour. The antichrist is trying to come in before his time, but the church is the only mechanism that can resist him! We are the light and salt in the world! We are the only ones who have the authority of Jesus Christ to stand, resist and fight!

Please cry out for the deception and distraction to be exposed for what it is and what it is accomplishing. Ask Him to show you any place where you have been distracted or deceived. Ask Him to infuse you with faith, courage and discernment to fight for your family, your church and our nation! Pray for your pastor to see every place he has accepted demonic shackles, and the grace and faith to shake them off. Pray for your pastor to rise up in this hour and lead your church to resist the enemies plans to take over. Ask God to expose every place that your church is in shackles and the grace to step out of them. Cry out for the church across our city to rise up in unity as one army of the Lord to stand against the plans of the evil one in our day!