For someone who lives on milk is still an infant and doesn’t know how to do what is right.” Hebrews 5:13 (NLT)

We are witnessing the first generation where the women are hitting the streets crying out in anger to kill their babies. What’s wrong with that?! Ultimately, it is the church’s silence these past decades over “complicated” issues that have left a generation of people totally unequipped for this hour!

The church needs to move way from Sesame Street to Azusa Street. We need to move on from flavored milk to the true meat of the word (Hebrews 5:13-14). It’s loving to speak the truth about homosexuality, about gender, about sin. It’s not loving to water down truth. The church must stop candy-coating the word with worldly sugar!

Sadly, we have issues in churches that shouldn’t even be there. Parents who are followers of Christ should not be concerned about creating gender neutral environments in their homes for their sons and daughters. That’s right, they are a son or a daughter! Yes, this is a sensitive issue in some churches because these churches have not taught their people the truth about this. It’s complicated because these topics have been avoided out of fear of offending, losing finances and members!

Some 60% of the millions of women who had abortions over the past 50 years attended churches. But because of the silence in the pulpit regarding this topic they were unequipped to make this life and death decision. Silence in the pulpit isn’t love, it is cowardice, it is compromise, it is forcing adults to live on milk!

Pastors must not be ashamed of preaching the full gospel (Romans 1:16), even if / when it offends. Truth hurts because the lies are so entrenched! But to not speak because it hurts is not loving. Our silence ultimately leads to death, not just of unborn children, but spiritual death through malnutrition and not being equipped for the battle we face. As the word says, many ought to be teachers by now, but they have not been adequately trained to distinguish good from evil (Hebrews 5:11-14).

Please pray that the pulpits in our city would be set apart once again to preach the full gospel, from milk to meat. Pray that time would not be wasted on fluffy, make us happy sermons anymore! Pray that pastors and Bible teachers would no longer be silent about “complicated” issues, but will unapologetically preach an uncompromising and truly loving message every week. Pray that nothing less than speaking the truth in love would flow from our pulpits. Pray for your pastor specifically that he would convicted of any and every place he has been silent out of fear, and that the pulpit at your church would serve up hearty spiritual meals. Pray that your congregation would not be confused in any way about issues like homosexuality, abortion, and sin. Pray that the Holy Spirit would quicken in you the ability to discern milk from meat, and to grow in your hunger for meat!