“For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.” Romans 8:2 (ESV)

John G Lake absolutely believed that the power of Christ was meant for now. One time during the “Black plague” he refused to leave for his safety but instead would pray over folks releasing healing in their bodies. When officials came and asked him what he uses to keep himself from being killed from the plague he answered “Romans 8:2.” They kept at him, thinking he had some secret cure or remedy. He once again said Romans 8:2, proclaiming that he no longer lives under the law of sin and death but has been freed to live under the law of the Spirit and life. He literally believed that death could not touch him until it was his time to transition to heaven. Finally, he said, take a sample of the black foam coming out of the mouth of a person who just died and look at it under the microscope. They did so and immediately saw the deadly virus moving about on their slide. He then said, take some more of that foam and put it in his hand. They refused pleading with him saying it will kill him. Nevertheless, he was adamant and they scooped some more black foam out of a dead man’s mouth and placed it in John G Lake’s hand. Then he said now take it and look at it under the scope. They did and the virus was completely dead!

We are told that as a man thinks so he is (Proverbs 23:7 – KJV). What we believe, we empower! Jesus said we would do greater things than He even did (John 14:12), but where are these greater works found? The answer lies in our faith. We are not just to believe in Him but to believe in everything He said. When we pray we are to pray in faith believing that we have what we ask for (Mark 11:24). To ask doubting is simply wishful thinking and will accomplish very little. The reason we don’t see more mountain moving is more of a symptom of the lack of faith filled believing prayers (Mark 11:23).

Ask God to pour out a grace to increase your faith. Ask Him to release you into a whole new level of prayer with expectancy and faith. Ask Him to grant you the faith to believe in miracles, of things man say are impossible becoming possible! Ask Him to lead you today to pray faith-filled prayers. Ask Him to increase the faith-filled praying at your church!!!