“If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.” John 7:37b (ESV)

While we were in the midst of our day of prayer together today, Shellie strangely received a notification from the weather channel issuing a warning that the water we all drink may be harming us. What we think is helpful and healthy, may be ‘legal’ but not good for us. This was found in all 50 states. There are ‘forever chemicals’ in it that are toxic and won’t go away! We definitely need to make sure our filters are working properly!

All this to say is God showing us things just beyond the veil. God is increasing the level of discernment for those who are asking. What we think is innocent and true is actually toxic, and yet we just keep drinking it! We need to filter everything through God’s word. We need to constantly ask God to show us any and every place where we are deceived, deluded, mesmerized, or in a foggy confusion. And we need to cry out for this daily. What well are we drawing from? May God reveal the true water sources we are pouring into our souls!

Ask God to protect you and your family from the toxic water both physically and spiritually! Ask Him to show you any and every ‘water source’ you are drinking from that is defiling your soul. Pray for your pastor to be diligently crying out for God to expose deception in them and in your church. May springs of living water flow through you, your church and across our city!