“After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb.” Revelation 7:9a (NLT)

The Left has a vision, funded by Soros, and guided by Davos, of pulling down borders and uniting all of mankind under one universal rule (them), without God! This isn’t new. It has been on the enemy’s agenda ever since the fall of man! Even early in Genesis, the devil lured men to come together to build a tower and make a name for themselves. And we all know what happened at Babel (Genesis 11). Globalism offers peace at the cost of a nation’s independence, identity and freedom. According to Paul in Acts 17:26, God has given each nation two things; a set time to seek Him and boundaries. Sadly, believers who love our nation (i.e. our flag, our values, our constitution, our freedom, etc.) are now considered threats and are called “Christian Nationalists!”

Consider these intriguing words by Lance Wallnau…

“The movement to create a one-world government, a world without walls, is in fact a world in defiance of God’s boundaries. God put boundaries around Eden and limited access into the garden to one point. Wise parents will put a safe boundary around their children. When activists chant, ‘No border, no wall, no USA at all,’ they are chanting for the destruction of the nation… Nations, just like people, are unique. They have different shapes, sizes, but all are equally valuable…. The effort to create a global government without Christ will rob individuals of freedom and force nations into a structure that will inevitably fall into the orbit of the spirit of antichrist” (God’s Chaos Code, pages 61, 64 & 65).

All that to say is, Jesus loves “nations” and has called us to go to them, not to lose our identity and become like them. In fact, the Father has promised to give the Son the nations as His inheritance (Psalm 2:7-8). One day the “nations” will be gathered before God’s throne (Matthew 25:32) and separated like sheep and goats. Each country’s unique national identity, destiny and faith matters. According to Jesus, some are goats and some sheep! Cry out for God to expose the true agenda behind the globalist movement! Pray that the identity and destiny of our nation would not be lost. Pray that the USA would rise up as a sheep nation. Ask God to show you how to stand unafraid as a Christian Nationalist.