What’s the point?

“I do not fight like one beating the air…” 1 Corinthians 9:26 (NIV)

The just outcome of the election is more than just giving Trump four more years. The very integrity of our election system is being threaten with extinction. If the cancer within it is not removed, our system will cease to be believed in. That’s the point!

Our nation is the point! Our world as we know it is at stake. The US has been holding back the evil, anti-Christ spirit that desires to dominate the world. Take us out, and the world is up for grabs by Soros and the Davos agenda. No wonder millions of believers from nations around the world are joining us in prayer for a just outcome in this fraudulent, stolen election.

But there’s more than that! Babies are the point! Actually, the sanctity of all life is the point. There are some in “high places” who say that those over 75 aren’t worth keeping alive. That was so evident in the way NYC handled the pandemic! And, for the ‘pastors of Moloch’ who are pro-choice, they, empower their god with the shedding of pure, unborn babies blood. That’s the point!The sanctity of marriage is being fiercely attacked! And so is the traditional nuclear family! That’s the point!

The nation of Israel is the point! The scriptures say that God blesses the nations that bless Israel. Once we turn our back to Israel, God’s blessing will lift! And Israel will become isolated again. And I wonder what would become of those recent peace initiatives with the four Middle East nations and Israel. That’s the point!

Our borders are the point! God honors borders. And immigration without screening unwanted people who desire to hurt our nation is the point!

The sanctity of the God given gender at birth is the point! Apparently there is an act in the works that allows an eight-year old to get a sex change without his/her parents even knowing, or having a voice in it. Get that? Eight-year old children are the point!

Freedom to choose one’s destiny is the point! Socialism may give out freebies, but at the cost of freedom. Just ask anyone from all the failed socialist nations like Venezuela (and by the way, there are a lot of them)! Socialism doesn’t work. Creativity, risk and entrepreneurship isn’t allowed! And that’s the point!

Christian freedom is on the chopping block! Wonder why communist countries outlaw Christianity? It’s because Christians put obedience and allegiance to God higher than to the ‘party!’ That’s why the church has been closed in many democrat states! Our Christian freedom is the point!

The defunding police and disarming citizens so they can’t protect themselves is the point. Ask those in riot ridden cities where police defunding has happened how safe they feel! The safety of our cities and homes is the point!

Preventing the deprogramming of the 75 million Trump supporters is the point! There are some in office who are strongly and publicly suggesting this, whatever that means! That is the point!

Losing national identity to become part of the new one world community is the point! Globalism. The so-called global reset early next year, is all about changing our monetary system to a new cypto, one world system. That means our dollars could suddenly have no value! What you have in the bank, your retirement accounts and investments suddenly are worthless! That’s the point.

And that’s not all of it! But do you get my point? We must keep praying, fasting, declaring, decreeing, marching, contacting your state representatives, getting the truth about candidates out to those who have not heard and voting. It does matter and IT DOES HAVE A POINT! Your vote (in the GA runoff election), like your prayers, do make a difference! You are not simply beating the air!