“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” Jeremiah 33:3 (ESV)

A whisper is defined as a soft voice with little breath, to give a hint or tell a secret, to speak with little or no vibration of vocal cord. When God whispers, remarkable things happen. God whispers in the still small voice, and His whisper is very different from His thundering voice. When God whispers He begins sharing about secrets that He doesn’t want anyone else to hear, about things that are hidden and secret.

Other translations say great and unsearchable things (NIV), remarkable secrets (NLT), and incomprehensible things (HCSB). When God whispers our destiny comes alive.

In Genesis 3:8, the sound that Adam and Eve heard in the Garden was different from previous days they had walked together. They had only known His whisper, but now they were hearing His thundering voice echoing across the Garden. Adam was afraid! Psalm 29 says “The voice of the LORD thunders” (v. 3).  

The enemy wants us to fear for our life. To hide ourselves amongst the trees in our garden. Many are called but so few choose to step into their destiny! How many have missed their moment?!

God often thunders so others can hear. In John 12 we find Jesus’ heart being troubled. A voice was speaking to Him about taking a short cut, but Jesus cried out “No, it is for this very reason I came to this hour. Father, glorify Your name” (v 28). Suddenly the Father answers with a thundering voice, saying “I have glorified it and will glorify it again.” Many in the crowd simply heard thunder, though others heard the voice! Jesus replied that the voice was for their benefit, not His. That is because Jesus knew the Father’s still small voice!

Jesus chose to not shrink back for He knew this was why He had come. Jesus didn’t need to hear the thunder because He had the still small voice within Him. This voice came for others

The moment you say ‘go for it,’ the enemy loses his voice and leverage over us. When we chose to just go for it, putting our fear, our greed, our own wants, hopes and desires, on the altar, the enemy ceases to have power over us! And we can do that because we have heard the still small voice, the whisper of God!

Pray this prayer with me…

Father, glorify Your name through us, though our families, through our churches, through APN! Father teach us to hear Your still small voice, to know Your voice, just as Jesus said we would (John 10:27). Father, may we hear Your voice in our dreams and in our watching during the night, as well as in our journey throughout the day. Father, grant us a grace to learn and discern your whisper in a world of much chatter. Father as we say ‘yes’ to You and ‘no’ to the devil and the world, to greed, fear and our ambitions, may we hear Your whisper with even greater clarity and have boldness to stand in greater confidence! We pray for our pastors to seek intimacy with You and to take the time to hear Your whisper over them and our church! May You reveal as You promised, great, unsearchable, amazing, and hidden things that we have not known! Thank You Father, in Jesu’s awesome and powerful name, amen!!!