With the words, “It is finished” Jesus breathed His last breath (John 19:30). The devil thought he had won! It was Friday, but Sunday was coming. It wasn’t over! In the midst of this contested election, it is not over! Even though some say it is, don’t believe it, don’t let them intimidate or deceive you. Keep praying! God is working in it and I believe He intends to use this as a catalyst for revival & awakening in our nation and beyond. Jeremiah tells us that God actively watches to fulfill His word (1:12). His ways and timing are perfect.

Please consider joining a prayer movement called givehim15.com. This is a tool to focus prayer each day, joining with thousands of others, perhaps even millions, to pray in one accord! You can check it out at http://givehim15.com/ or download the app on your phone.

Also, feel free to listen to this amazing podcast by Dutch Sheets about some key things that happened on election night and what we need to do right now… Believe and pray!https://www.facebook.com/DutchShee…/posts/3503253073070888