He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.” Psalm 126:6 ESV

We’re in an epic battle! Recently my family watched (again) The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The battle for good against a terrible, evil foe that appears unstoppable. A handful of warriors and a few tiny Hobbits set out on an impossible quest, one that could save their world. A remnant, a handful of totally dedicated warriors and a few small people who believed, and decided they would lay their lives down for their world, for the generations to come. If they did nothing evil would take over. But if they tried, just maybe they would succeed and change everything!

In this hour, where laughter is missing, joy is absent and death is so pervasive, and ominous, will you be one who is willing to stand up, to fight and to do whatever it takes to see that the generations to come won’t have to know this evil that is trying to destroy our world, including your kid’s children’s children? Will you say yes to the LORD and follow Him into a thick gross darkness that currently covers the planet? Will you be one of the remnant?

Pray with me…

“Oh LORD, I say yes to You! I will follow You wherever You lead me. I will stand up in this hour of deep darkness. I will lay my life down for You and for the generations to come! Grant me the grace to obey You wholeheartedly, today! Restore the joy of my salvation, the hope of the days ahead of us and the laughter in my heart as I walk this out with You!