“For we walk by faith, not by sight,” 2 Corinthians 5:7 (HCSB)

Many years ago, Shellie & I went on a white-water rafting trip down the American River in California! It was amazing, and scary! Unfortunately, our tour guides didn’t take it seriously and were drunk the entire time. The water was more treacherous than usual and I am sure we hit many more rocks that we needed to. But one time, because of their recklessness, our raft was flipped over, and Shellie nearly drown. White waters can be dangerous and caution needs to be taken when entering!

Another time, I went out to go surfing in Queensland, Australia. The waves were huge! In fact, so big that there was nobody in the water, up or down the coastline, as far as my eyes could see. Instead of the typical brilliant aqua blue waters, it was all white with raging foam!  Nevertheless, I ventured out into these violent breakers. It literally took me about thirty minutes to make my way through the huge, pounding surf. Finally, as I caught my breath, just outside the impact zone, a thought came over my mind… I could drown, die, be carried out to sea and my body never found, leaving Shellie a widow and my children orphans in a foreign land! I realized that some risks are not worth taking, and this wasn’t a good risk. I repented for my foolishness, and I cried out to God to rescue me from the ten-foot face of vertical insanity. I began paddling into the cresting waves. As the wave sucked me in I held on for a turbulent ride to shore! No, I did not stand up on that wave! As I pulled myself up on the shore I thanked the Lord and made a commitment in that moment, that though I would be a risk taker for Him I would no longer take stupid, earthly risks. Needless to say, this was a huge turning point for me!!! Btw, did I mention that white waters can be dangerous?!

Joshua had to lead the Israelites through a flooded, white-water Jordan. But as the priests carrying the Ark stepped into the waters they “stood and rose up in a heap” so that the people could cross over on dry land (Joshua 3).

Ezekiel also had a vision of a white-water opportunity. It started as a simple trickle from the Temple of God. As he began to walk in it, it got deeper and deeper and deeper, until finally he could not stand on his feet (Ezekiel 47). At that point, he had to simply allow it to take him away, or attempt to swim across it. There was no mention that he had a board to ride! This river is not dangerous, so to speak, but is called the River of Life. John also describes it (Revelation 22). He saw the river that Ezekiel saw, with the trees, the fruit and their healing leaves! Though neither one mentioned surfers or rafters riding the currents, I can’t help wondering… huh? Nevertheless, I look forward (if permitted) to catching the white water in this river.

All this to say, God is calling us to be risk-takers for Him. As I said, some risk-taking is foolish and bears no heavenly fruit. But God isn’t calling His children to play it safe, to not get in the water. Especially in this hour! Nope, the Christian walk is all about faith, of stepping out of one’s control and comfort for the sake of bringing glory to God! And God’s word is pretty strong about what He thinks of cowards (Revelation 21:8). When was the last time you took a risk for Jesus?

Ask God to stir your faith, to awaken your desire to go wherever He leads and do whatever He says! Repent of any place where you have “chickened out” and acted out in cowardice instead of faith. Ask Him to grant you grace to move toward more risk-taking for Him. Just like the water that flowed from the Throne first was a trickle, then grew deeper with each step, ask for Holy Spirit boldness and courage to simply take the steps that are before today! Thank Him for the many opportunities He is inviting you to jump into the white waters with Him!

And btw, I’d advise not going surfing alone!