Unite Georgia is now in the history books, but the impact has just begun! We woke up this morning to a ‘wind advisory’ for all day. Likewise, we felt the winds of revival are blowing. There seems to be a lightness in the atmosphere. I believe the gathering last night was significant. 

Two things specifically stood out to me. First was the level of ‘grassroots’ prayer was amazing. People, primarily college students, had been gathering for urgent fervent prayer for weeks building up to the Unite gathering. And God has heard their (our) cries!!! Second was the level of unity displayed in this gathering was absolutely beautiful. Campus ministries stood together as one, canceling their normal weekly gatherings to join together for this event! Pastors and local churches quickly stood with them, and likewise pointed their people this way over their normal activities. Unity is a beautiful thing, as it requires humility, which I can see in these various ministries and churches standing together, not just for this event, but to see this campus and our city under the rule and reign of Jesus Christ as we walk forward!

Thank you Josh Moran for pioneering this Unite Georgia gathering. Thank you campus ministers for embracing the big picture over your own ministry. Thank you students for allowing the Holy Spirit to ignite you in this hour. May His fire only grow stronger and brighter. Don’t stop praying. Thank you Jennie Allen, JP and the worship gang from circuit riders! Y’all operated in a very honest and deeply transparent way that opened the doors for such a great response. And thank you Athens Intercessors for praying, even battling from the hidden place… from victory for victory!

There was perhaps 6,000 folks in Stegeman last night! Up to 400 stood to make commitment or recommitment to Christ. And some 150+ got baptized immediately afterwards, outside in the cold, in beds of pickup trucks! Then many converged and worshipped well after midnight! 

And today, the wind is blowing! Please keep praying…

• Pray for those who made commitments and recommitments to not hesitate to step into exercising and declaring their new freedom in Christ. Ask that they’d be filled with the Holy Spirit, to have boldness to share their story, and a hunger for the Word and to know God.

• Pray for the seeds that were planted to be protected, nurtured and to come forth in a harvest of righteousness across the campus and our city. Pray for those who didn’t (yet) make a decision but are wrestling right now with the Holy Spirit. 

• Pray for the campus ministers as they begin following up the responses from last night. Pray that everyone who made a commitment would be lead to their community, where they will be discipled, equipped and sent out.

• Pray that these last six weeks of class would be powerful and ground shaking. Pray that the students would not just go on summer vacation, but would be sent out as missionaries, with intention to advance the kingdom of God wherever He has them go.

• Pray for lasting impact, for revival to intensify, for awakening to increase, for transformation and reformation to the very fiber of the campus and city. Pray that the spiritual atmosphere over Athens would continue to lean toward heaven! 

• And ask God to increase prayer at UGA and across our city!

• Praise God that He has placed you here to steward what He is doing in this very hour! Ask Him for the grace to play your part in this unfolding revival in Athens and beyond!