For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 11:13 (HCSB)

Yes, as the title says, witchcraft has infiltrated the church! Obviously, it has been a covert operation, but they have been successful. We’re talking real wolves in sheep clothing, just as Jesus warned (Matthew 7:15). Paul warned about them too (Acts 20:28-30, 2 Timothy 4:3-4). We’re talking demons masquerading as angels of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). We’re talking witches acting like good followers of Christ, yes, actors putting on a show, and deceiving many. We’re talking evil ones infiltrating the pulpits as false shepherds and teachers. Yes! This is happening, but it is being exposed!

Witchcraft is as the sin of rebellion (1 Samuel 15:23). Satan’s name literally means accuser or adversary (Revelation 12:10-12)! He constantly accuses us to wear us down (Daniel 7:25). The sad thing is, many followers of Christ have become his mouth piece. Whenever we criticize, slander and accuse one another, we are acting as his representative. Please understand this, Satan is a loser. He is defeated. He no longer has dominion, that is unless we give it to him. I had a dream awhile back about a wolf inciting sheep to attack others on his behalf! His power came though those willing to do his work!

Likewise, there are folks who pretend to be followers, even lovers of Jesus, but are not. Revelation 2 and 3 reveal churches that thought they were right with God but were not. Just because someone calls themselves Prophet or Apostle so and so, doesn’t mean they are. Neither does is mean some who dresses up as a Messianic Rabbi, actually is! Some are not simply wounded sheep, but nefarious intentional evil ones, who weasel their way into leadership (check out Jude). Jesus warned us to be aware of wolves in sheep clothing! Not just innocent puppies, but ferocious wolves who come to kill, steal and destroy, like their master! And these wolves are not just in the pews, but have infiltrated their way to the stage, and the pulpit! Btw, wolves can’t be tamed, but they can be removed!

Even the use of worldly and/or demonic can be places where the enemy gains access to our church. That cute little song by Taylor Swift as intro, comes with much more baggage than we can imagine. These are trojan horses that allow access, where otherwise such access would be denied! These things open portals of hell in our churches, into the very services we are trying to worship God. Not only do we need to invite the Holy Spirit to come, but we need to close every access point where the enemy can gain entrance. You can’t build a bridge to rescue the world with defective worldly materials. We build bridges to God with the heavenly materials that are holy, not defiled. I am not saying we can’t use songs from secular artists, but I am saying we need discernment!!!

The enemy is always looking for any and every point of entry that he can find. This can be seen even from the very beginning as the serpent invaded God’s Garden of Eden. Just another example was when Nehemiah was commissioned by the king to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. In the process of building the wall, he was strongly opposed and relentlessly attacked by enemies. Specifically, Sanballat the Horonite, Tobiah the Ammonite and Geshem the Arab, aggressively attacked the progress of the wall (2:10, 2:19). Nevertheless, because Nehemiah stayed focused on the task given to him, the wall was finished. It was determined that neither Ammonite or Moabite were to be allowed into the assembly of God (13:1). Nevertheless, a traitor, a wicked compromised priest named Eliashib, had allowed Tobiah to live in a large storeroom in the Temple that housed the tithes, the new wine and all the contributions for the priests. When Nehemiah discovered this, he summarily kicked Tobiah out and undoubtedly disciplined Eliashib (13:4-8). Btw, Eliashib was the high priest (3:1), who had been heavily involved in the building of the wall, yet still deceived!

Don’t be naïve believing that your church or youth group is not susceptible to witches, wolves and portals of hell. Don’t think that compromised leaders have not already infiltrated your congregation! The enemy will stop at nothing apart from a discerning, resisting, Spirit-filled Church.

Ask the Lord to show you any place where you have and/or are standing with the accuser of the brothers by slandering, criticizing or accusing other followers of Christ! Please cry out for discernment, for yourself, for your pastor and church leadership, and for the churches across our city. Ask God to expose all these false apostles, prophets, and teachers in our city. Ask God to give His body here in our city, eyes to see the fruit of these wolves lives. Ask the Lord to show your church leadership any place where they may have opened a door to witches and witchcraft through unholy things (i.e. songs and videos of cute witches) and disguised wolves, and then the grace to repent and like Nehemiah, kick it out. Thank Him for cleansing His Church. She will be spotless, blameless and holy (Ephesians 5:25-27, Revelation 19:7-8).