And He took bread, gave thanks, broke it, gave it to them, and said, ‘This is My body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of Me.’” Luke 22:19 (HCSB)

The power of holy communion, AKA the bread and cup or The Eucharist, has been way underestimated. It has also been misunderstood and devalued! Wow, how can I say such a thing?! Communion was not meant to be a fast, take-away moment. It was meant to be a lingering, powerful form or worship, intimacy and warfare!

Jesus said He would not do it again until its fulfillment in the Kingdom (Luke 22:15-18). He is saving His next communion for a later date. I believe He meant that the next time He partakes in it will be when He finally stands before His bride at the great wedding feast of the Lamb (Revelation 19:6-9). Then there will be the ultimate celebration with bread and wine. Btw, His bride, like most earthly bride’s, will be prepared for this moment. In fact, she will intentionally get herself ready for it. 

Likewise, Jesus said that He was going to be preparing for it, that is preparing a place for us in His Father’s house. When it is ready He will return to bring His bride to her new home (John 14:2-3).

We have turned this meal with Jesus into a fast food, a momentary pause from our other activities. We supply juice and wafers in convenient tiny, individually sealed cups. But communion is meant to be so much more than a monthly pause to remember. It is a meal we are to share with Jesus!

Paul said, as often as or whenever you do this remember (1 Corinthians 11:26), meaning we are to do it often! We are to remember what Jesus did, AND why He did it! The “what” is the painful suffering that He partook to carry our sin, and set us free from its shackles. But the “why” is… so that He would have a bride. 

For the joy set before Him, that’s us, He endured the cross, scorning its shame and finished the work set before Him to pay the bride price with His broken body, shed blood and His life! 

When we take communion, we are to think about our wedding day with Him! Contemplate what it will be like to finally stand before Him as His bride! Remember what it cost Him to have you as His bride! Imagine the majesty of the One who was crucified for you, rose from the grave, ascended to heaven and is now glorified, seated at the right hand of His Father. That is our Bridegroom! Communion should be a time of hope, remembering that our tomorrow is going to be better than whatever we’re experiencing today!

But when we take communion, it is not only an appetizer for us and our future, but for Jesus as well. Remember He is not partaking this until we actually stand with Him at this feast. So every time we “do this in remembrance of Him” He is blessed, knowing that His beloved is thinking of Him. Solomon wrote of this when he described the Lover unable to handle the passionate attention of His beloved. He replies, “turn your eyes from Me, they overwhelm Me” (Song 6:7). He comments about His wholehearted passion for her when He says, “You have stolen My heart, My sister My bride; you have stolen My heart with one glance of your eyes” (Song 4:9). When we take communion we literally ravish His heart by our looking at Him, focusing on Him. No wonder in that same passage in Hebrews, where we’re told that for the joy set before Him, of having a bride, we are instructed to fix our eyes on Him (12:2).

In other words, communion is a two-way thing! It is like a dance, or a kiss. It is an appetizer for more to come, it is a taste of future intimacy. Communion literally means “with union!” Yes, it’s all about intimacy! 

Btw, every time we take communion it is also a reminder to the devil that he has lost! Had the devil and his evil cohorts on the earth known what they were doing in crucifying Christ they never would have done it (1 Corinthians 2:8). In fact, the very things that held us in shackles, the legal records that were against us, were nailed to the cross! Jesus publicly triumphed over the devil there at the cross (Colossians 2:14-15). So every time we remember the cross, Jesus’ broken body and shed blood for us, we are sticking it in the devil’s face, declaring “we won!” We overcome because our Bridegroom King has overcome!

Ask God to give you wisdom as to how you are to incorporate communion more into your life and home in the days before you! Ask Him to reveal more of the depth of communion that has been lost through our superficial “fast food” remembrance, and to turn it into a key component in the coming revival. Ask Him to elevate communion at your church and across our city. Ask Him to awaken the love and passion of His bride across our city!