“…in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling…” Philippians 2:12 (NIV)

Paul is telling this new church that though he is currently not there in person, that they need to continue to press into God and allow Him to finish the work He began in them. Jesus is saying this to us today… “Though it may feel like I am absent (though I am not) keep believing, keep trusting, keep obeying, and keep working out your salvation.” This “working out” refers to our allowing the Holy Spirit to mature us, to make us more like Christ. Growth happens most in the context of challenge. No wonder James says that we are to consider it all joy when we face all sort of trials (James 1:2), because it is in this place of adversity that we will mature! Paul continues in Philippians saying we are to not complain or argue in the midst of these challenging days so that we can be blameless, pure children of God in a crooked, perverse generation (v.14-15). That is exactly where we are today! The result of all this will cause us to stand out, we will shine like stars on the backdrop of darkness.

Ask God to continue and increase His good work in you. Invite Him to help you in this challenging time to “work out your salvation.” Repent of any place where you have complained or been argumentative. Ask Him for the grace to walk blamelessly and pure in a wicked and depraved world. Ask God to do whatever He needs to do in you to make you shine in this dark world. Pray for your pastor has he leads the congregation through this season. That your church would shine brightly across our city and nation.