“Do not despised prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good.” 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21 (ESV)

As we lean into 2022 there has been much prophetic chatter. Though many prophetic voices have retreated into caves, others have continued to hear from the Lord and courageously report it to the Body of Christ. Many of these prophetic voices are saying the same or similar things. Take this list below and lay it before the Lord. As Paul said, “do not despise (ESV), scoff (NLT) or hold prophecy in contempt (NIV), but weight everything and keep what is good!” So please pray into these words! There are some serious things coming, as well as some amazing ways God wants to move and pour out blessing upon His faithful remnant.

• 2022 will be a year of reckoning!
On January 1, 2022, the weighing will be over, the outcome is set! The wicked and the righteous have been weighed! But judgment and blessing are coming in 2022! There will be a separation of the wicked and righteousness. What we have planted in the previous season will bring forth its harvest. Wickedness will have its day! 2022 is a year we’ll remember that the wicked were slain! They have been weighed in the balances and been found wanting.

• 2022 is the year that God remembers!
Though it has seemed that God has been silent throughout this season, He is about to burst forth. God has been silent because He was allowing men to choose sides! God has given us glimpses of His glory and what He could (and will) do. But He has withheld the miraculous because men would have taken hold of it. God wants people who love Him for His heart, not because of the miracles. He has been looking for people who seek His face not just His hands, a people who want His presence, not just His power! In 2022 He will reveal both His hands and His presence!

• 2022 will bring recovery from 2021!
Like David in Ziklag (1 Samuel 30), God wants us to find encouragement in Him alone and then be ready to do our part. We will recover all in 2022!

• 2022 is a year of reward!
Though it may not have seemed that way, but 2021 has been a year of victory. There is no victory without battles and there have been lots of battles in 2021, many of which we have not seen with our natural eyes. God is a warrior and we’re a part of His army. This will be a year when God shares the spoils of victory with those who have been faithfully fighting alongside Him!

• 2022 is a year of blessing!
God is coming to bless His faithful ones in 2022! Bind yourself to His word, and you will bear much fruit!

• 2022 is all about you!
Please don’t misunderstand this. It is always about Jesus, but because of the harshness of the past season, He is going to bless His children in 2022!

• 2022 is 2020 true!
More hidden things will be coming into the light. There will be more whistleblowers coming forward. There will be more pressing of God’s finger. Truth about things will become clear. What happened on November 3 will be revealed! Other things will come into light such as human trafficking, pedophile networks, and corruption at the highest level of business and government. What many called conspiracy will be seen as reality!

• 2022 is 2020 new!
A new season is upon us. The current is shifting. The harshness of this past season will be forgotten in light of the goodness that is coming in 2022 and beyond!

• 2022 will see prodigals come home!
Yes, children are coming back… the demonic will be forced to let go of them!

• 2022 will see increase of visible angelic activity!
We will see an invasion from heaven. The captain of the Host will lead His spiritual forces to overwhelming victory in our land and across the globe! Expect to actually see this with your physical eyes!

• Psalm 82 is for 2022!
Psalm 82 correlates with current Hebraic calendar 5782. Read this chapter in different translations, marinate in it. 2022 will draw on the justice of God. His justice is driven by His love and His judgments bring things back into line. Justice is tied to revival and has to do with boundaries.

• 2022 will see the fear of the Lord released!
God will be loosening the fear of the Lord upon the earth. From the white house to court house to our house, there will be a tangible fear of the Lord across the land!

• 2022 is a year of glory revealed!
The Lord says the knowledge of His glory will be revealed to the world in ways we’ve never seen… as the waters cover the seas! Answers to prayers that have been sown over the years will come to harvest!

This is a compilation of words from Robin D Bullock, Kent Christmas, Hank Kunneman, Kat Kerr, Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow and Amanda Grace. I am sure there are more and that I am not adequately portraying the fullness of the prophetic significance of what these prophets are saying, let alone anyone else. Please weigh this before the Lord and glean what is good! Cry out for God’s kingdom to come and will to be done COMPLETELY in 2022!