“Give thanks to the LORD for His love endures forever.” 2 Chronicles 20:21 (NIV)

Last year we were challenged that if we believed in the LORD, we would be able to stand. We were told to believe in His prophets and we would succeed (2 Chronicles 20:20 NLT). That was a key verse for 2020. As we come out of it, in so many ways the prophetic ministry is now under fierce scrutiny for the election predictions. Some people have even told me that they no longer trust the prophetic voice. The reality is, God is using this to purify and cleanse the prophetic voice in our nation. I think for all of us, we must come back to fix our eyes on God. Admit to Him that our ways are not His ways (Isaiah 55:8-9). Lay before Him any and all of our disappointments. Things have not happened as we expected them to, but the reality is GOD IS NOT FINISHED! God is not limited to our ways or timetables.

When God closed the doors of the ark, He waited for seven days before the never experienced before rain and floods came (Genesis 7:10 & 16). Can you imagine that? Noah had spent a hundred of years obeying a prophetic word about building a vessel called the ark, for an event that had never happened before. There was no precedent! Undoubtedly, Noah was called a false prophet. Finally, he gets all the animals and his family into this vessel and then, nothing happened. Everyone in and outside the ark must have had doubts. Those on the outside must have intensified their ridicule and mockery of Noah. Those inside must have wondered, “OK, here we are, has Noah been crazy all along?” Nothing for seven days! I believe we are in that “seven day” season right now (not literal days). At this point, I also believe that God has heard our cries, He has seen our repentance and fasting, and the bowls in heaven are dripping over just waiting to be poured out (Revelation 8:3-5). Right now, there are places in our nation where God is doing awesome… miracles, salvation, breakthrough… all in the context of darkness gripping our nation. These are gracelets, droplets of His grace pouring over the tops of the bowls in heaven. But more is coming!!! I do not believe that the 100’s of veteran prophetic voices got it wrong.

I believe a scripture for 2021 is 2 Chronicles 20:21 (as above). It is time to stop asking and start praising and thanking Him for hearing us and for what He is about to do among us! The greatest revival/awakening is at hand! Take time today thank the Lord for 2020, for allowing you to be alive in such a time as this. Thank Him for hearing your cries as well as the united focused, fervent prayers of millions of others in our nation and across the globe. Thank Him for what He is about to do. Ask Him for eyes to see where He has begun pouring out this grace on our nation, and praise Him for it.

Make 2021 the year of worship for you and your household!!!