“After this I looked, and there in heaven was an open door. The first voice that I had heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, ‘Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.’” Revelation 4:1 (HCSB)

This is a year where we are being called to come up here! Psalm 24 gives us a great description of ascension. As we ascend the hill of the Lord and stand in His most holy place, we are told that God will pour out blessing. Our ascension is also referred to as “seeking His face!” The requirement to ascend is clean hands, a pure heart, not having idols and not swearing falsely. Though it is costly, our ascension prepares the way for the King of Glory to enter into our cities, churches and homes in greater measure. Who is this King of Glory? He is a mighty warrior and LORD of heavens armies. He is coming to do battle on our behalf! This is a year of intense battle, and we need the King of Glory here in our midst!

Moses was also told to “come up here” (Exodus 24:1, 12). We are told that when Moses went up the mountain, a cloud covered it and the glory of the LORD, which looked like a consuming fire, settled upon it. Then the LORD met with him for forty days and forty nights!

When John was called to ascend, the first thing he begins to describe is the glory around the throne of God. He saw the indescribable!

It is always a good thing to be called up the hill! As the Lord beckons us to ascend His most holy hill this year, do it without hesitancy, without reservation and without concern for the cost! Ask Him to prepare you for whatever you are about to step through as you ascend through the open door. Ask Him to take you deeper in Him. Tell Him you choose to seek Him like never before in 2024. Ask Him to do whatever it takes to give you clean hands, a pure heart, to expose and remove all idols (obviously if you knew they were there you’d destroy them), and to increase truth in every area of your life, from your lips, to your actions, and what you believe! Thank Him for the invitation to ascend His holy hill!